It’s the end of November. The sun is shining, wispy clouds are floating through the air, and there’s no snow on the ground. Even in the winter, Colorado beckons us to go outside.

It had been a while since I had played in the dirt with Big Mama Yota, my 2007 Toyota 4Runner, so we left town and headed to Four Mile Creek. In Buena Vista, there is no shortage of adventure close to home. To get to the Four Mile Creek 4×4 area, it’s just a quick skip through downtown BV and a hop onto County Road 375 (first turn before the tunnels).

This County Road is the main track through Four Mile Creek, taking you to a network of sandy trails surrounded by Ponderosa pines and sweeping views of the Collegiate Peaks.


Photo ©Sarah Haughey
Photo ©Sarah Haughey

The trails are easy to moderate with some obstacles that require brain cells. Four Mile is a great place to practice technique and have fun without the pressure of high alpine conditions.

Sadie and I explored the Southern edge of Four Mile, crawling up and down steep hills, splashing through creeks, and bumping around on rough rocky sections.

Surrounded by boundless views – the sun setting behind Mt. Yale – with nothing but the sound of wind and Sadie’s collar. This is my happy place, my rock, and it sure brings a gal back to earth.

Photo ©Sarah Haughey

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